Dance Like Everyone’s Watching:

Managing The Risks Of Dancing Indoors In A Covid World

Key Topics the Panel Will Address

• Air ventilation options, and considerations with regard to costs, supply, building and sound regulations
• Measuring c02, costs and the impact in countries where this has been legislated
• Rapid testing and the impacts this additional measure has had in countries that have reopened / are reopening

This edition of EMC Connect is primarily for owners, operators and people working in nightclubs, events and venues where dancing indoors is essential for the ability to operate. Additional measures to mitigate health risks are critical to the protection of businesses and patrons that want – and need – to dance again. The virtual event is also the opportunity for the nightclubs/dancing venues industry to share and discuss the recently announced reopening roadmaps, and how this impacts not just NSW and VIC, but the ecosystem nationally.


Distinguished Professor, QUT (Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia)
Distinguished Professor at QUT in Meanjin/Brisbane, Lidia is also Director of the International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health at QUT, which is a Collaborating Centre of the World Health Organization on Research and Training in the field of Air Quality and Health. An author of over eight hundred journal papers, book chapters and refereed conference papers, Lidia is the recipient of numerous scientific awards and was recently acknowledged as one of Time Magazine’s ‘100 Most Influential People of 2021’. READ FULL BIO

Deputy Director (Partnerships), Burnet Institute; Chief Scientific Officer, Burnet Diagnostics Initiative (Naarm/Melbourne, Australia)
Distinguished Deputy Director at Burnet Institute and Chief Scientific Officer, Burnet Diagnostics Initiative in Melbourne, Professor Anderson was trained in Microbiology and Molecular Virology. He received his PhD in 1989. He has had a longstanding interest in the application of research to practical and commercial processes. This is reflected in contract and collaborative research agreements with the pharmaceutical and biotech industries since 1991. His vision is to design better diagnostics, vaccines and antiviral therapies for the control of major viral infections in humans. READ FULL BIO

Co-Founder and Partner, VibeLab and Executive Board Member, Clubcommission (Berlin, Germany)
Cities need a confidant, a protector to enact change in a city in monumental ways. Introducing Berlin’s secret sauce, Lutz Leichsenring – one of the world’s leading advocates on protecting night time economies, spokesman and executive board member for the Berlin Clubcommission, the founder of the Creative Footprint and co-director of VibeLab. During the Covid-19 crisis, In August this year, the Clubcommission Berlin led ‘Clubculture Reboot’ – a pilot series of events held in Berlin which utilised PCR testing, tracking and increased ventilation to create conditions in for people to party safely, without requiring social distancing or the wearing of masks. READ FULL BIO

Founder, Eventsure (Antwerp, Belgium)
An inspiring entrepreneur from Belgium, Robbe Van Bogaert is founder of EVENTSURE, co-founder of creative factory MEATPACK and the nightlife and event expert for the City of Antwerp. Robbe lived with physical disability during his childhood when he was wheelchair-bound and defied his physical limitations and forged his path as Belgium’s leading nightlife ambassador and visionary. Through EVENTSURE he provides COVID-19 training and consultancy to event businesses in Belgium to learn to work within the Belgium governments’ Covid Event Risk Model (CERM) and Covid Infrastructure Risk Model (CIRM). READ FULL BIO

Facilitated By
Senior Public Health Practitioner (Naarm/Melbourne, Australia)
Tope Adepoyibi is not your average scientist. Her humanitarian aid and comprehensive fieldwork specialising in tuberculosis and other infectious diseases have made remarkable groundbreaking strides the world over where health diagnostics are needed the most. Tope’s passion for public health is anchored deeply on accessibility and equity. Tope is currently finalising a Doctorate of Public Health as part of the Future Health Leaders of Australia course at the University of New South Wales. READ FULL BIO